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Challenge: What Do Fathers Do Best?

Homemade biscuits and chocolate gravy

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We're from the south.

More specifically, we're from Mississippi. That means we have a PhD in homemade biscuits. This also means we have a long-standing relationship with the finer things in life - like chocolate gravy. In fact, I have tried to break-up with homemade biscuits and chocolate gravy for good many times. But love knows no boundaries. So, if biscuits and gravy were on Facebook, our relationship would say it's complicated.

It's really not complicated. My heart and my thighs just have differing opinions.

Sorry - back to the topic :)

My husband - a loving father of two - can make some awesome, finger-licking, homemade biscuits. My oldest (now 4 AND A HALF if you ask her) is his best helper. While yes, the plain lesson here is how to make biscuits (she will need this information later in life, y'all- remember we are home grown Mississippian's), the underlying message that he is giving her is what truly sends this momma's heart into a tailspin.

It's these moments that life is made. It's these moments that are the building blocks of that father-daughter relationship. It's these moments that my daughter learns to listen and trust the instructions of her daddy. It's these moments that she loves. It's these moments that he cherishes. The fun. The mess. The whole she-bang. His caption to this picture was "these are the memory moments - take our picture". So I did. But no matter if the picture was here or not - she will remember.

All the Saturdays.

All the biscuits.

All the time well wasted together.

There will come a day when she is not-so-interested in sitting on that counter. We have to make the moments we have count. I don't know if the lesson in how important a small amount of time can be came from my husband's service in the marine corps - where you quickly learn the value of a second - but he knows what it means to cherish and make the most of small moments. I tend to see big picture - long term effect. He sees the now. The moment. And he makes them so memorable. He makes the most of them. That little one in the picture is sure one lucky girl.

Homemade biscuits and chocolate gravy. That's my husband's specialty.

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