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Challenge: I Feel Bad About...

Hey kids, Sometimes I blow it

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Hey kids,

Sometimes I blow it.

Sometimes I screw up.

Sometimes I eff up.

And, depending upon your age at the time of my misgiving and the severity of it, you will hear me bellow

(with or without some poorly chosen language)

that I don't have what it takes to

mother three children,

be a good wife,

succeed in my chosen career,

and keep a tidy home.

Because, honestly, that's what it feels like on the day-to-day.

Still, I wake up

morning after morning and

mother three children,

am a good(ish) wife,

am sort of succeeding at my fulfilling, but extremely low-paying, time-consuming "job,"

and the house isn't a total wreck.

And, while sometimes I blow it,

sometimes I screw up,


sometimes I eff up,

sometimes I also get it right.

Want to know something I always do, though?


Hey kids,

I'll always show up for you, and I'll always show up for this life we have carefully curated together because even when I feel like I'm falling short, thanks to you, I can recognize that I'm not when I see the people you all are becoming.

Hey kids,

I love you.

Sometimes I'll blow it.

Sometimes I'll screw up.

Sometimes I'll eff up.

But I'll always love you, and I pray to God you always know and feel that

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