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Hey Kid! Where's Your Pants?

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We all know about "eating pants," right?

We all have one (or many) pairs.

But, do you have "eating undies"?

This is different from edible undies people and if you were hoping to read about those, well, then you are about to be sadly disappointed.

In fact, I hope that you don't have much experience with eating undies because honestly, the idea of an adult sitting and eating in their underwear, well, it kind of freaks me out and makes me cringe.

BUT, a toddler, eating in their undies, ain't nothing cuter.

At least in my opinion, which apparently isn't everyone else's.

It's pretty common knowledge that #momshaming and #parentingshaming are happening ALL. THE. FREAKIN'. TIME.

And, what bothers me the most about it, is the fact that any single member of the general public believes they have the right to comment on how I choose to parent my children.

While I wholeheartedly agree that it is necessary to speak up when you witness anything inappropriate, ain't nothing inappropriate about my two-year-old eating a sausage patty in her underoos.

Why do you feel that it is okay to tell others what you think is right?

Why do you believe that how you feel is the way everyone else must feel?

How did you come to be someone who believes they are right, about everything, all time, even about the stuff that happens outside of your own home and in the sanctity of another?

If you want to judge me for letting my child eat in her underwear, feel free.

I won't judge you for being judgy.

Instead, I will just offer you this gem of wisdom which you can take to the trash if you so please, and while you are at it, please take my child's finished plate, too.

So here it is:

Pants are overrated.

They are overrated when you are eating and especially when Mommy is working.


Parent how you want.

Let your children eat how you want.

Let your children eat what you want.

Breastfeed as long as you want.

Formula-feed if you want.

Take date-nights if you want.

Go on girls nights if you want.

Let your kids stay up late if you want.

Put them to bed early if you want.

When you operate from your head and your heart, with your child's head and heart in mind, you cannot go wrong with YOUR CHOICES; they are yours to make.

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