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Challenge: Romance After Kids

Here's what true love isn't

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Here's what true love isn't...PERFECT.

Because how in the world can two ridiculously imperfect people be perfect together?

That's right. They CAN'T.

And, that's actually a good thing because perfect is boring and nobody wants to be in a flat, spiritless and uneventful relationship.

Now, I'm not saying that fighting with your spouse is a good thing, but think about all the important, meaningful things you fight for...

your kids,

your job,

your rights,

your health,

your friends,


your values, just to name a few.

So, why is it so wrong to fight with and for your partner and the relationship you have with them.

That's right; it's not.

Do you know what you do need to fight, though?

Any fantasy-based, unrealistic, romanticized thinking that, on the day-to-day, true love is

chivalry at all times,

neverending meaningful and deep conversations,

breakfast in bed,

fresh flowers daily,

loads of passionate affection,

and spontaneous compliment showers.

'Cause that -ish, it's a fallacy.

True love is

one of you tooting and then both of you following it up with "whoever smelt it dealt it" & "whoever rhymed it crimed it."

True love is

telling your partner their breath stinks, so they don't unknowingly stink-out unsuspecting bystanders all day.

True love is

your significant other doing the thing you asked them not to do over and over and over again, again, and you giving them a hard time about it.

True love is

wiping your biscuit with tissues so that you can leave the last little bit of toilet paper (which there would be more of had they not forgotten to pick it up ) for your spouse.

True love is

overcooked meals and jabs about one's lack of cooking skills, but then taking care of the dishes and kitchen clean-up.

True love is

a peck when you want a french, and a french when a peck really would suffice.

True love is

imperfect because the two people who have it are.

Next time you start to think about how you and yours and the relationship the two of you have is so unpolished and unimpressive, shut that sh*t down and remind yourself that there isn't anything substandard or lackluster about a couple living and loving, not as they do in romance novels, in movies, or on the TV, but authentically -- just as they should here in the real world.

True love is

whatever it looks like for you and yours, so don’t let anyone, any show or any quote about love make you think otherwise.

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