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Here's to the next days of school

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The first day of school gets all the attention and glory. Carefully chosen outfits, clean shoes, special lunches, new teachers, and photos to commemorate. Kids are brave as they enter an unknown space and let new friends and mentors into their world. Moms & Dads work up a big helping of trust and send their littles into territory unknown. Teachers take the wheel of what is possibly the most important job ever. AND I LOVE IT. It’s fun. It’s momentous. It marks a milestone and I’m all in for the celebration.

But what about the second day? And the next day? And all the many, many days after that? Let’s give those days the nod they deserve.


Here’s to the teachers who put their precious time, effort, and energy into teaching and loving our children well.

Here’s to the new shoes that are scuffed from ladders, slides, and playground games.

Here’s to the backpack stuffed with newsletters, practice sheets, and artwork.

Here’s to the lunch box filled with cheese & crackers when you realize that your kid will not accept almond butter as a reasonable peanut butter substitute.

Here’s to the projects completed, the skills mastered, and mistakes that get us there.

Here’s to the commitment to getting up, showing up, and living it up every day.

Here’s to the good days, the hard days, and all the days in between.

Here’s to the hard work of growing up.

Here’s to showing up day after day.

Here’s to the next day of school.

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