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Here's to the girls who are 'beautiful disasters'

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Here’s to the girls who are “beautiful disasters.”

The girls who are whole-heartedly true to themselves and still make mistakes every day. The girls who are never satisfied with staying in one place yet still fall flat on their faces sometimes. The girls who fight every day for their dreams and still want to throw their faith in them out the window every now and then.

The girls who dig deep daily to find their own voice and still let their ego get the best of them sometimes. The girls who choose to see the good in everyone but still get their hearts broken more than once. The girls who are strong and independent but still break into pieces and need help putting themselves back together every so often.

The girls who are always looking for their next adventure because they can’t get enough of the feeling they get when they take risks. The girls who are always looking for their next destination because they can’t get enough of this beautiful Earth we walk upon. The girls who are always looking for their next heart to heart because they can’t get enough of the connections they make with the people God puts in their paths.

The girls who crave change and fear silence. The girls who don’t always learn from their mistakes the first time. The girls who chase the sun even though they know it’s not going to leave them behind.


The girls who walk barefoot outside in nature. The girls who dance in the rain and sing out loud with the windows down. The girls who can taste the saltwater air and save that sweet scent in their hearts forever.

The girls who know soulmates are real. The girls who stay up late creating things when they know they should be sleeping. The girls who pray on the bad days and pray harder on the good days.

The girls who feel everything. The girls who believe always. The girls who love fiercely.

Here’s to you, girls. I get you. I feel you. I am you.

We’re not perfect. And we don’t want to be perfect.

After all, that’s what makes us beautiful.

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