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Challenge: Reducing Holiday Stress

Here's to simple days ahead for all of us

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Does anyone else feel like the holidays force you to reevaluate yourself?

Like you step away from


social media,

and friend engagements,

and step into a lot of

family time with the people who know you best,

which in turn makes you want to, simultaneously, be your best,

but also figure out what's best for you, which may or may not be in alignment with what others think?

Does anyone else feel like time away from everyday stress to deal with holiday stress is no less stressful than the everyday you're still stressed, you're just a little more inebriated and fancy?

Does anyone else get anxious attending large or more intimate gatherings, planning meals, giving gifts, or being on the receiving end of unsolicited yet still given advice?

Does anyone else both love and hate the round-the-clock presence, smell, and taste of SO.MUCH.YUMMY.FOOD. and the rise of your own always present but usually under the radar "GET.IN.MY. BELLY. but please, please, please don't make it too big" attitude?

Does anyone else get overwhelmed by the noise of children during the holidays--kids hyped up on sugar and off-time from school?

But at the same time, revel in that you wholeheartedly realize that there's nothing more pure and surprisingly calming than the sounds of joy-seeking, belly-laugh-delivering, pint-sized humans?

Anyone else ready to take on the holidays and the new year with gratitude for

all that is good,

all that we have,

all that we are,

and all that we and those we love can and will become?

Me too.

Anyone else going to walk with grace that you're gonna unconditionally give yourself and others from now until the new year and then carry that positive 'ish into the new year?

Good to hear. Me too.

'Cause when we remember that all that matters, during the holidays or on a regular day, is that we're both loving good and being loved good, life gets a lot simpler.

Here's to simple days ahead for all of us.


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