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Challenge: Your Special Traditions

Here's how we are celebrating Easter amid the Coronavirus pandemic

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A holiday during a pandemic is weird to say the least. Things are not the same, and if they are the same for you.. then you're probably not adhering to the social distancing guidelines our country has put into place.

This year we are celebrating differently, and I'm okay with it, because there is an opportunity here to teach a lesson on Easter, in a unique way.

This year my daughter got an empty Easter basket. I feel like an awful mom for it, but with the current state I couldn't find it in me to spend hundreds on an extravagant basket. I also couldn't find it in me to break my social distancing to go to the grocery store and get a chocolate bunny. Yes I could have used Amazon… but after losing income due to the pandemic, I decided we would do without this year.


I understand how controversial this is, and the backlash I'll probably receive for it.

However, this is all my choice and it is what it is. In hind sight, I probably could have afforded something for her, but we are using this as a learning example of what Easter is actually about.

Easter is not about Christmas tree worthy presents on the table. It's not about the 20 extravagant baskets you got your child, to keep up with what all the other parents are doing and posting on Facebook.

He Is Risen. Let's not forget.

So this year, we are teaching on how precious something empty can be. An empty Easter basket, and an empty tomb.

Just like Jesus' tomb was empty, so is my daughters Easter basket this year. And sometimes, with emptiness comes JOY and HOPE for all.

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