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Here's a self-esteem hack to use when looking at old photos

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Me, looking at old photos:

“Gosh, I let myself go.”

“My butt is so much bigger!”

“My skin is so wrinkly now.”

Does this sound like you, mama?

I have a new way of dissecting these photos: A self-esteem hack.

Because sometimes you just need a better angle. And no, I’m not talking about a better camera angle that will give you thigh-gap. I’m talking about a perspective shift.


I had a smaller butt—

but I had an emptier heart.

I was skinnier--

but I was insecure and unhappy.

I was the closest to society’s definition of perfection I’ve ever been—

but was too busy chasing to enjoy the moment.

I had much more time to myself for self-care—

but I didn’t have my kids who’ve taught me self-love.


I’m never alone—

but I’m so much happier.

My body is fuller--

but so is my life.

I’m the farthest from perfect I’ve ever been —

but I love the imperfect mess I’ve become.

Our bodies are so much more than a billboard to be gawked at. They are a beautiful story, that needs to be read in full.

So, we need to transform the way we look at “the now”—

because we’re happier on the inside—

and that angle surfaces in our ear-to-ear smiles.

This post originally appeared on the author's Facebook. Her book Living FULL: Winning My Battle with Eating Disorder is available on Amazon:

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