Parents, you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Or just as likely, we’ve got questions and you’ve got answers.

Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

Her grass isn't greener -- it's fake

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Let's all be cognizant of the 'meanwhile.'

Like the woman you follow on Instagram, whose confidence is seemingly soaring and whose business is statedly booming...

meanwhile, her internal sense of self-worth is struggling, and her paychecks are next to nil.

Like the mom friend who's got it going on and whose joyful status updates and picture-perfect photos you practically stalk on Facebook...

meanwhile, she's having a hard time at home with her kids, and she and her husband, well, they barely speak.

Like the stranger in front of you while in line at the grocery store, the one looking all put-together and organized with her list of items needed for those healthy meals she'll undoubtedly serve up to her loving family ...

meanwhile, she's depressed, anxious, and feels uber-lonely.

Like your health-conscious, Beachbody-selling, teeny-weeny, bikini-wearing neighbor who not only runs the neighborhood daily, but through your mind as well as a reminder of what you could be, but aren't...

meanwhile, she's suffering in silence with never feeling 'good enough.'

Like the writer whose stories you read, that convince you she's got it 'figured out,' and that she's worth emulating...

meanwhile, she writes because it's her therapy, and speaking of therapy, she could probably use some because she's messy and incessantly feels all the feels.

Let's all be cognizant of the 'meanwhile,'

and remember that

while we are rushing to assumptions and making snap judgments -- good or bad -- about those we both know and don't,

those people are feeling some kind of way, and more than likely, it is not what we told ourselves.

You're just sitting there, admiring all that's blooming in her greener grass, meanwhile, she’s wishing hers looked a little more like yours.

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