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Helping Your Hospitalized Child Feel Less Anxious

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When your child is young they won’t have a clue why they’re in the hospital. However, if they need to visit when they are older it’s a completely different story. Children will know why people end up in hospital beds for days on end.

If they have to experience the same thing it can make them very anxious. There are ways to make them feel a little better about the situation without lying to them. We’re going to look at a few tricks nurses have suggested you try out.

1. Make Sure They’re Physically Comfortable

Would you be able to relax if you weren’t even comfortable? It would make you feel anxious and stressed, so their comfort has to come first. It might mean making sure they eat all their tasty food.

Basic things like fluffing their pillow regularly will help too. If they have a good hospital management system you’ll get lots of attention from the nurses. Ask them for help the second you need anything.

2. You Can Start Talking About Random Things

When you’re talking to your child discuss the most random things possible. It can be about where they’d like to go on holiday in the future, how they’re getting on in school, or anything else you can think of.

If your child gets lost in the conversation they won’t feel anxious. You can even teach them about different things if they eventually get bored. When they’re not talking to you they are thinking about their operation.

3. Let Them Listen To Their Favorite Music

I bet your child enjoys listening to a certain type of music. They might have a favorite singer too. Let them lie down with their headphones in whenever possible. You shouldn’t feel like you’re ignoring them.

They’ve been carrying out studies on music for decades. It definitely helps to lower anxiety levels. When people listen carefully to music they almost drift into an altered state of consciousness.

4. Discuss Everything With Your Child

People start to get anxious when their amygdala senses danger. Even though they don’t necessarily have anything to be scared about they’ll fall into flight or fight mode. It’s buried deep within our genetic coding.

Talk to them about what is happening so they’re not left clueless. The amygdala will realize there is nothing to be afraid of and their anxiety will disappear. You obviously don’t need to tell them anything too negative.

5. You Need To Look Relaxed At All Times

Your child is in hospital so you won’t feel relaxed, but you don’t want them to know what you’re going through. They’ll recognize the look of fear in your face, which can be difficult to hide depending on the situation.

Meditate when you’re at the hospital. You should be doing it every time your child goes to sleep. It will let you put your thoughts to the back of your mind. Your child will feel stronger if you look comfortable.

Hopefully They Get Out Within Days

If your child is only in hospital for a few days it’s not too bad. Any longer and you’ll start to feel the pressure piling on. Keep using these tips no matter what happens to keep any anxiety at bay.

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