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Helping Your Child Overcome Debilitating Fears

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A young child is expected to be afraid of certain things. If they think monsters are real they won’t want to fall asleep in the dark. You might need to check in the closet in case they’re hiding. Kids will eventually grow out of it.

Sometimes children are scared of more realistic things as they grow up, which can have a negative affect on your life. For example, you can’t fly if they absolutely hate heights. Here are a few ways to help them overcome their fears.

1. It’s Okay To Take Baby Steps

If your child was afraid of heights you wouldn’t take them skydiving. Bungee jumping is obviously out of the question too. It’s not like you’re in a rush, so it’s okay to take little baby steps in the beginning.

You could buy the safest trampoline in the store for your garden. Make sure it’s the kind with features that stop them falling out. If they bounced up and down it would give them more confidence in the air.

2. Answer Any Questions They Have

Sometimes your child can overcome a fear of something big in less than a day. It’s usually when their mind realizes there isn’t anything to worry about, which can happen in two very different ways.

Have you heard people talk about throwing someone in the deep end to see if they’ll sink or swim? That is the approach you don’t want to take. Alternatively, answer all their questions until they understand there is nothing to be afraid of.

3. Use Any Tools Available To You

When you have access to tools that will make things easier it’s an obvious choice. Use them and your child will get over their fears quicker. It’s wrong when people say you shouldn’t let your child wear armbands.

They say this because your child can’t swim properly while wearing them, but you’re not really teaching them how to swim. You want them to feel comfortable in the water, so why would you not use them for a while?

4. You Always Need To Be Patient

If you look disappointed when your child is scared they’ll notice it straight away. Not only are they afraid of something, but it’s making their parents mad. Sadly, it’s possible they will automatically assume this.

Everyone needs to be patient when they’re teaching their child to overcome a fear. It’s not only the look on your face you need to watch out for. Don’t push them too hard unless you want it to backfire.

5. Switch From Reality To Fantasy

When was the last time you took your child to the zoo? I’m sure they were afraid of a few animals, which is sad because they’re unlikely to be attacked by them. It’s the perfect time to watch animated movies.

A Bug’s Life is a good movie to watch if your child is afraid of creepy crawlies. Find out which animals scare them. Once you have a list you can look for movies where the specific animals are really nice.

You’ll Have To Deal With It At Some Point

Over the course of their younger years your child will eventually find something they fear. Maybe you already know a few of their fears at the moment. Use the tips we’ve looked at today to help banish them.

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