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Healthy & Delicious Snacks for Your Kids

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Do you find it difficult to think of fresh snack ideas for your kids to eat? Are your children constantly asking you if they can eat the crisps and chocolate stored at the back of your cupboard?

Kids (and grown ups) love a sugary snack but eating too much sugar and fat can lead to health problems, including diabetes, tooth decay and obesity.

Fruit and vegetables are a healthy option but it can be so hard to get kids to eat them.

Well, there is no need to struggle over healthy snack ideas, listed below are 9 healthy and fun snack ideas for your little ones.

Healthy Snack Choices

Rainbow Fruit Kebabs. Spear a kebab stick with colourful fruits. Get your kids involved as they sing the colours of the rainbow and have to find the coloured fruit to match and then add to the stick.

Veggie shapes. Rather than drawing animals why not use vegetables to make them? Cut the veggies up and play with them to make different shapes and see what pictures your kids can create. While they are playing encourage them to eat the food, for example, that piece of cucumber which is the caterpillars head.

Crisps. Kids love crisps but they are not a healthy choice. So bake your own. Slice sweet potato and thinly coat in oil, pop in the oven and bingo you have healthy, crunchy crisp for your little ones to enjoy. Another option is plain rice cakes or crackers, you could spread almond butter on top of them.

Popcorn. Now, who doesn't like popcorn? Plain popcorn in small amounts can be a tasty and healthy treat. You could chop up and add dried fruit such as raisins and nuts to the mix.

Sweet Apples. Most kids love peanut butter, so switch to a healthier alternative of almond butter and spread a thin amount onto apple slices and this makes them instantly delicious.

Eggs. Why not hard boil an egg so it's ready for them when they come home from school. Draw a silly face on it and watch them smile as they bash the shell open.

Carrot sticks. Carrot and cucumber sticks are a quick and easy snack to make. Serve with a small amount of low fat humous to add extra texture and flavour.

Yoghurt. Yoghurts can contain high amounts of sugar so switch to natural yoghurt. Add flavour by mashing up berries such as strawberries and stirring it into the yoghurt. Get your kids involved by asking them to mash the fruit.

Drinks. Juice, squash and fizzy drinks contain sugar so why not switch to milk or water. If they are not keen ask them to choose a cup next time you're out shopping, perhaps with their favourite cartoon character on or buy a curly straw so they can watch the liquid swirl as it reaches their mouths.

Wrapping It Up

Healthy snacks don't have to be boring. Teaching your kids to choose healthy options is part of being a parent. You're protecting them from health problems and having fun whilst being creative in the process.

So, get chopping, mixing and making fun and exciting snacks for you and your kids one to enjoy.

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