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Challenge: My Dad Hero

He Will Always Be On Their Team

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We were playing basketball, or her brother was and she and I were throwing a ball between the two of us. Her daddy was working in the yard and she yelled to him, "Daddy, will you be on my team?" And he dropped what he was doing to come to her, scoop her up, and say, "I will always be on your team."

I stood and watched them play, just for a minute, and pondered how many times he'll come to her aid, simply to be on her team. I can't imagine a time when he won't drop what he's doing to rush to her, to lift her up when she needs a boost.

I've been lucky to have a father just like that. And now, my children have the same and even as I've always known it would be this way with the man I married, it didn't stop me from saying a quiet prayer of thanks for the father my children have and for my own father.

Thanks for Mothering the Divide

with me as we give thanks for the fathers in our lives. I know it's not Father's Day yet but I don't need a day to remind me to be grateful.

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