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Having a child who is "different"

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There are so many emotions when we hear that something is wrong with our child. Taking my son to the eye doctor and hearing that we had to go directly to a specialist that takes months to get into was the scariest moment of my life. Waiting to get into PCH to have an extensive eye test done was awful. Finding out that he was going to be OK was the best feeling in the world! Having a specialist tell you a list of things your son will never be able to do was frustrating. On one had we were so relieved that overall he was going to be OK, but then the anger set in. Don't ever tell a mama bear that there are limitations on her child. Yes, I understand that he can never be a pilot because he can never pass the eye exam, but that he won't be a "normal" kid. Nope, not going to hear it and who wants to be normal anyway? So I started a company for my son who has to wear an eye patch celebrating what makes us different.

The company is called Rock Your Different and it's a clothing line celebrating what makes us different. We all have something that makes us different than others, and instead of feeling different, I want kids (and adults) to embrace it, celebrate it, and also embrace others for what makes them different. We donate a portion of the proceeds to Phoenix Children's Hospital, JDRF, and other organizations depending on the design. We just donated to FDNY.


We are here to encourage other parents that if your child is "different" it is OK! Celebrate it! Let them know that what makes them different makes them amazing and is part of their story. One of the things that has helped the most is finding other kids who patch as well. There are so many groups on social media and it's wonderful to have that support. We would love to hear what makes you different and how you celebrate it! Send us an e-mail or post on any of our social media or on the website and don't forget to Rock Your Different!

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