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Challenge: Digging Deep

Happy Parents Raise Great Kids Together

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Giving the Right Moral Values to your Kids is not an easy task, it takes effort by both the parent, no matter what the relationship is between you and your partner, you cannot afford to have the bad impact on your kids.

Just For an Example,

Single parent are often finding difficulty in raising the kids, Yes, its definitely the task which leaves you into never ending frustration.

In Short, Relationship between you and your partner has to be good. So that you can raise your kid without any bad impact.

Recent Study done by Huffing ton Post on the affect of Parent fight on kids shows drastic result.

More Shocking Stats has revealed when the researchers find, more than 70% of the Husband lose interest in their wives after the birth of the baby.

So the main Answer is Why?

Responsibilities? Looks? or Some personal reasons? let's dig deep into this top more. The Answers to these questions you can easily find in the book which is in itself is the remedy of the broken relationship.

Yes, you heard it right, there is a remedy to the serious broken relationship, it is a book named, His Secret Obsession Book.

We will talk about this book later in the article, but let's talk about the reason behind the change in behavior after the birth of the baby.

1) Responsibilities - Yes, it could be one of the reason in many cases. Many parent got frustrated after the unplanned baby's birth. They don't even have any idea, what to do and how to take care of this change in life. As a result, they started to blame each other. And rest you know about the result.

2) Love - Yes Love, I know Many people will not agree with this, but yes the same love which makes them together sometimes the same love make your far away. Usually this happens with the female mom. they don't take out much time for their partner, because they have to look after their baby.

3) Looks - Yes, but it's scientific reason that females get bulky in terms of size after the baby birth. Take it or not, but man secretly loves attractive mothers. Don't take me wrong, I am also a mother. SO I know this very well.

There are many reason, but it could be possible there is something else in your case.

What's the Result of all these things - Kid will not get proper attention and both of them failed to raise the happy kid. :(

Disclaimer - I have gone through all this stuff, and the one thing that helps me a lot is the book I have mentioned in my article above. Please do have a look and sort out all your problems with your partner So that you can raise a happy Kid, healthy Kid.

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