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Challenge: Open Discussion

Halloween fun+bringing a little joy to others.

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Have you have never taken your kids or someone else’s kids “booing?" It’s the BEST!

We had never even heard of this phenomenon until a few years ago. People would come to our door, ring the door bell and take off. When we got to the door there would be no one there, but a sack of goodies would be on the porch. I wanted to catch all those little boo people so bad, but never could. My kids loved the excitement of getting “booed” so this year we decided to do it ourselves. It was a blast. I think Grant and I may have had as much fun as the kids, plotting our “not so great” get away in the car.

Here’s how to do it:

✅Grab some candy, a bag, some little fun toys! Make a list of people, throw your black hoodie on, make a detailed getaway plan, and head to their door. Ring doorbell, drop off their candy and run like the dickens.

✅Make sure it’s not too late! And don’t wake sleeping babies.

✅We asked the kids to also include some kiddos who may have had a hard week, or having a hard time at school this year, or maybe someone they knew who would find joy in something as simple as a treat bag and some kids thinking about them!

Get your kids thinking of others even during Halloween.

Ask them simple questions:

Who at school would really feel special with a treat bag?

Is there anyone at school who is feeling lonely?

Who do you know that needs a pick-me-up?

You can get your kids thinking about others, even if it as simple as dropping off a bag of goodies on someone’s porch and fleeing the scene, stealthy like.

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