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Challenge: Sleep Solutions

Hacks to Help Your Baby Sleep

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“Seriously, I have tried everything so why won’t my baby sleep?” How many times have you said that or heard that from friends? I’ll admit it. I’ve said it too! Let’s face it. Sometimes as parents we sabotage our efforts.

Whether you baby is 6 months old, 18 months, or 3 years old, there are few things we can do to help our children get MORE SLEEP.

So, what’s the magic trick? It’s not just one thing. It’s a combination of many.

Temperature – ideal sleep temperatures are 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even one degree difference can make an impact. Think about it, can you sleep when you are too hot? Nope. So, drop that thermostat!

White Noise – true, static noise.

I’m not talking about those fancy machines that play ocean, rainforest, or thunderstorm sounds. We want constant white or pink noise so our children’s brains can shut down and get into a deeper sleep.

Dark, Super Dark – the darker it is the better.

Our bodies produce melatonin that helps us sleep. When it’s too bright, our bodies will keep cortisone levels elevated and it prevents us from sleeping!

Consistency – The #1 thing that will make a difference.

Here is where we hurt not help our children. You may be saying “but my child will only fall asleep while bouncing, rocking or nursing”. We have created that condition for them. We may get fed up and try for one or two nights to allow them to fall asleep on their own (does not mean crying it out). When we don’t see progress, we give in. The inconsistency is SO CONFUSING for our children. They have no idea what to expect or what they are supposed to do. So, whatever you do, BE CONSISTENT!

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