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Challenge: Gratitude & Giving

Gratitude Changes Everything

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In today's fast-paced world we often do not take the time to slow down and observe the good all around us. As parents, we must be shining examples of hope and positivity to our children during these unprecedented times of COVID - now more than ever!

It is so easy to focus on negative things in our lives, but when we teach our kids how to focus on something good that they can be grateful for every day, that changes their entire outlook on the day. This does not need to be a huge task, just pick ONE thing! Maybe around the dinner table go around and ask what everyone can be grateful for, even if it is trivial. Start off with yourself to be a leader showing how it is done!


As a contributor to Forbes, my latest article called Brevity Is The Linchpin Of Clarity gives some great insights to keep their engagement sharp. This week I posted this video on LinkedIn responding to the Gratitude Challenge that author John Ruhlin announced, this was a fun way to give gratitude and appreciation to others without any expectation of return!

Have fun with this exercise and comment on your results!

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