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Goals For Raising My Children

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We can teach our kids to be kind to others. We can teach them not to lie, steal, or cheat. We can teach them to work hard and respect authority. We can teach them to do good works. All of these are good, but our children will still be missing something - the biggest piece, if we don't teach them to love Jesus.

They might be able to do all of the things we teach them for awhile, but they need strength found only in God to be able to continue to do what is right and good.

When they have hard decisions to make, they need God.
When they experience loss, they need God.
When someone hurts them, they need God.
When they are tired from trying to do everything right, or please everyone, they need God.

We can't MAKE our children love God. But we can show them what their lives can look like when WE choose to love God. We can show them how we can withstand trials. We can show them how we can have peace in the midst of pain. We can show them the strength that comes from relying on God. We can show them faithfulness. We can show them wisdom through praying for direction and answers.

If we show OUR love for Jesus through our daily lives, our children will notice. Our children will see the difference that having a relationship with Jesus can make in their lives.

In Philippians 3:13 Paul says, "This one thing I do..."
Friends, in a world where we are rushing around trying to do our best in so many different areas... where we are trying to fit so many things in... focus on "This one thing I do..." Teach your children to love Jesus.

There is nothing more important.


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