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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

Give Me The Sticker That Says I Survived Walmart.

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I’m not a runner.


So every time I follow a car with one of those 26.2 marathon decals, I’m impressed. Legit impressed.


And the other day, I had this thought -

Why don’t Moms of littles - like us - get our own shiny, badge of honor to shout our accomplishments to the world?

Because I’ve set goals and reached them. I’ve overcome; I’ve been tugged in all directions; I’ve stripped sheets after the stomach bug invaded our home.

So instead of crushing 26.2 miles, can I get a sticker that says “Survived Walmart with four kids under six”?

Or maybe “Made it through school pick-up without losing my ever-loving mind.”

Or how about “Potty-trained. Snot-sucked. Bottom-wiped. Like. A. Boss.”

Because, Mamas, we’ve got a lot to be proud of.

The world may try to make us feel inferior. It may tempt us into worrying we’re not getting enough done. That we’re not keeping up with whomever on Instagram is worth keeping up with.

But I’m here to tell you.

Not so.

This season may seem monotonous. And sluggish, and the scenery may stay mostly the same.


You are doing so much more than meets the eye.

You are tending to the health of hearts. You are nurturing dreams. You are waking up each day and doing it all over again.

You are protecting. You are comforting. You are messing up and apologizing and asking for help. You warrior on.

And the world should take notice. I do.

Motherhood is a marathon.

And I’m cheering for you.

(Mommys15Minutes, Jaclyn Warren)

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