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Get that 5-dollar cup of coffee, Mama

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They are the reason I smile … and the reason I am sleep deprived and need coffee.

Life is all about balance.

Anyone who knows me understands I am a Starbucks coffee lover. Starbucks gift cards and surprise Iced Mochas are the quickest way to make my heart smile; next to freshly vacuumed carpets and unexpected knee hugs from my toddler. When I had my daughter a few months ago, it made my day when my mom brought me surprise coffees, and she still does from time to time. I used to get coffee on my way to work and now that I’m with my kids 24/7, I find myself searching for that “stop” that encourages me to take a deep breath, reset my mind to tackle items on my list, and pause to appreciate the many blessings God has so graciously given us.

My husband and I live a pretty frugal lifestyle. We hardly ever go clothes shopping, don’t eat out unless it’s a special event with family, and I probably get my hair done once a year. We don’t go crazy buying gifts for holidays and our dates are often drives to the coffee shop drive-through with the (sometimes screaming) kids in the backseat as we sing the alphabet song, off-key, at the top of our lungs.


We are constant users of our Keurig, but I must be honest - when I get that $5 coffee, it’s the one thing I like to do for my mental sanity. Trips to the coffee shop are like “mini vacations” because the kids are strapped in their car seats and the toddler is usually enjoying a snack and dancing in the backseat. It’s usually an opportunity to blare the praise songs and ask the Lord to give me the patience He so desires for me to use with my children.

I often hear people talk about how it’s crazy to spend $5 on a coffee, but mama, sometimes you need to take time to figure out what your “thing” is. The thing that rejuvenates you and gives you the strength you need to stay energized and able to keep up with life. You need to keep up with everyone’s schedules, remember to tear the crust off your son’s peanut butter sandwich so he doesn’t have a meltdown, have the patience to clean animal cracker remnants out of sippy cups, and to sing “We’re going on a bear hunt” for the umpteenth time today.

I also call on Jesus constantly and enjoy trips with my husband to the gym, but that trip to the coffee shop is good for everyone’s sanity, not just mine. I enjoy taking a sip of my coffee in between my iconic car performances of the alphabet song and the Itsy Bitsy Spider.

It’s important to take time to find your thing, mama.

Maybe it’s journaling at the coffee shop, running 2 miles a day, hiking beautiful parks or birdwatching, getting a pedicure, or attending cookie decorating classes.

I always feel so guilty spending more than a dollar or two on a cup of coffee, but coffee helps energize me, and somehow fuels my brain to multitask and deal with toddler tantrums. It gives me the courage to perform the alphabet song to the best of my ability for my kids and it is fueled by God to help give me the courage to write articles and chase dreams.

So, mama - I want to encourage you to get that darn $5 cup of coffee.

Find your “thing” - the thing that helps fuel you, motivate you, and takes care of you - mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Don’t live worrying about the judgment of others; you need to be the best version of yourself so the children are well-cared for, the dishes don’t stay piled high, the laundry eventually makes its way out of the dryer after re-starting it 10 times, and because your mental health is also important.

You got this, mama.

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