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Parents are always busy, but does that make us active? Is our busyness burning calories and toning muscles or just carting kids to and fro?

Many articles and media outlets demand that we owe it to ourselves to ‘find the time’. During certain phases of our child’s lives this is possible but during others it can take an act of God to get us out of the house. If we are somewhat deliriously giddy from getting a whole night’s sleep and dare to venture outdoors more often than not it is NOT to go to the gym.

So how can we find time for fitness?

We multi-task! We multi-task everything in our daily lives, why not fitness too? The most important thing to note when exercising while doing something around the house is to be mindful of your form to prevent injury. There is no reason you can’t tone your legs doing squats when you change over the laundry or get six pack abs while brushing your teeth.

Redefine your workout; instead of thinking of fitness as a matter of time dedicated, think of the body parts you want to focus on and find exercises to work those target areas.

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Remember the newborn advice ‘Sleep when they sleep’? Instead, move when they move.

Start small and fit in exercises throughout your day, at home. When you have toddlers you can use play time as your time too! Here are just a few things you can do on the floor during baby play time: (Comment below if you’d like customized reps and activities)

  • Plank
  • Push-ups
  • Chest press your baby
  • Mountain climbers
  • Burpees
  • Leg lifts and kicks
  • Sit ups


Once the kids get a little older, right about the time you think you’ll have some free time on your hands; you’ll get the brilliant idea to put them in an activity. This scheduling usually results in filling your calendar and watching them do all the active things you should be doing.


One of the biggest things you can do is workout at your children’s activities. I cannot tell you how many people just watch their child's practice from the bleachers/sidelines or sitting in their cars. These are the same ones posting how they have no time.

Get out of your car, get off the bench! Walk, run, jog, skip, it doesn’t matter. Team parents are perfect workout partners and they will always have the same practice schedule you do. Your child’s changing seasonal activities will also help you keep your workouts fresh. When you are outdoors you can do laps around the field. In the summer, you can do laps in the pool during swim lessons. In the winter, you can do a laundry list of exercises in the basketball gym hallways. Just because it’s their activity doesn’t mean it can’t be your workout!

Just move…wherever you are. #StartToday

Brandy Yearous is the creator of the Super Mom Workout app: Super Mom Workout is a series of instructional videos that help busy moms workout while they balance kids, home, and work.She studied Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy and uses her knowledge of toning and strengthening exercises to help other women target their problem areas achieving their pre-pregnancy weight goals.

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