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Geeky Gift Ideas Sons and Dads can Enjoy Together

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There are so many great geek gifts around these days that finding the best gift is no easy feat, but here is the secret: give the gift of friendship, of joyful bonding. Ok, that's a little harder than it might seem right? Well this list should help!Anyone one of these gifts is sure to bring father and son together and more than likely the rest of the family as well. If you are looking for more gifts for geeks, you can find some of the best here which should help generate some good geek gift ideas if nothing else.

4k HD TV

One of the things every geeky dad will absolutely be thrilled to unwrap and behold is a big screen, ultra high definition television. While its obviously popular to buy these on a day like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, if the time just wasn’t right, Christmas sales will still make many of these affordable.

Now, a 4k HD TV is a special TV powered by Light Emiting Diods (LEDs) that are going to make your geeky dad’s viewing a whole new experience. Sons will love this because they will get to watch all their favorite action movies in un-precedented colors (joined by Dad of course, who probably introduced them to things like Star Wars and Guardians of the Galaxy in the first place!).

A Fantasy or Sci-Fi Book

Wait, weren’t we just looking at TVs? A great opportunity to bond over something like a powerful story. This will also create a lot of opportunities to have earnest discussions about important things in life, and will easily create some good old fashioned down to earth parenting moments.

Nintendo Switch

Almost all guys love video games. One of the most popular new video game systems to be released is the Nintendo Switch. It’s name derives from its versatility: you can plug it into a docking station to play your favorite Nintendo games the classic way, on your (new) 4k HD TV or you can take it with you and play wherever your travels take you. If your son can’t beat the level, then maybe Dad can help save the day. One thing is for certain however: there will be a lot of collaboration and laughter filling your home. You’ll probably be swept into the fun as well!

New Coffee Cups

Geeks of all ages adore a clever mug, especially if it is tied to one of their favorite franchises like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, or Marvel movies. Breakfast will never be the same again if you get Dad and your son similar themed coffee cups. Dad can have his morning coffee and your son can enjoy a nice cup of juice or milk.

Men’s Slippers

Yes he secretly wants to upgrade these. All geeky fathers will spend time inside, especially during these cold dark months. And if Dad has a nice new pair of comfy shoes, then guess who else will probably want them as well?

This gift will help both your son and his dear old dad get up in the morning and walk the dog. And what better way to walk the dog together than with new matching slippers! Both son and father are going to get to spend a lot of quality time together in the mornings now, all because you got them the perfect pair of comfy slippers to keep their feet nice and warm.

An excellent companion gift would be a comfortable pair of pyjamas for those late nights with the Nintendo Switch or streaming Netflix together.

Sci-Fi Movies

Speaking of streaming, an obvious go-to for geeky dad gifts (and of course for young boys as well) are science-fiction movies. And here you have plenty of options to get creative with.

  • Star Trek Complete Series
  • Star Wars Complete Series
  • Back to the Future Complete Series
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2
  • Wonder Woman

There are, of course, a slew of other popular Sci-Fi movies to choose from, but those are a nice mix of enduring classics and recent box-office hits to help get you started.

And there you have it. We’ve looked at a few of high cost items to affordable gifts that are sure to bring father and son together for hours of wholesome entertainment and generous bonding time.

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