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Challenge: Open Discussion

{gasp} I forgot to stay in my lane

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I read one of the comments on one of my articles today.

Silly me, I should know by now not to do it.

I usually don't, and I very rarely respond because once I've said my piece, I'm looking to keep my peace, and ain't nothing peaceful about arguing your piece with people on the internet.

#1 Rule for life: Don't argue with people on the internet.






The comment I'm referring to stated that the article's author [me] should "stay in her lane."

And well, here I am, about to swerve out of mine once again to overstate my piece which is that

I don't have a lane.

I don't have an agenda.

I'm not following anyone's directions to get me where I'm going.

I don't have a box I am required to reside inside.

I don't have to "stay inside the lines."

I can change my opinions like I change my underwear, and I can enjoy sharing them as I see fit.


When people tell you to "stay in your lane," it's because they aren't comfortable with you entering theirs.

To them, I say,

stop tailgating.

If you don't like what's coming out of someone's exhaust, don't subject yourself to its fumes.

Drive away.

Walk away.

Step away from the keyboard and DO. NO. COMMENT;

on social media,

in real-life,

over text


on the phone.

Not everything deserves a response.

But everyone is allowed their viewpoints and the option to air theirs.

There are ways to do that politely and, more easily, ways to not, but I try damn hard to do the former.

Be a civil driver of humility, honesty, kindness, and respectful dialogue and not a jackalope with an oversized truck trying to hurt feelings, stir up a ruckus, or run others off the road.

You can be vocal about what makes you feel fiery, but don't let that passion lead you to blindly take out others who are riding alongside you on the concrete path to wherever the heck each of us is heading.

We may not share the same journey as others, but we all share the same road, and intentional gridlock, well, it ain't gonna help anyone move forward.

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