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Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Excited About Having Braces

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Getting braces is a rite of passage for many kids, but can also come with its own insecurities. They may be sore when they first get them on, they come with a long list of no-go foods, and they also may be the first of their friends to get them. While braces are important for straightening out their smile, they can take a while to get used to. So, how can you make getting braces fun for your kids?


Here are some ideas to make the day they get their braces an exciting time.

1. Help them come up with fun color schemes for their braces.

Since the rubber bands on braces can be switched up, start to get them thinking about creative color schemes they can ask their orthodontist for. Maybe a pink and orange is great for Easter, or they want to choose the team colors of their favorite Football team for the upcoming super bowl. Since they get to change out the colors every few months, help them come up with holiday or season themed coordinations. It’s like picking out an outfit ahead of time!

2. Have a treat they can bring to their first day of school with braces.

Many kids are apprehensive about their first day back to school once they have braces on. Turn the narrative into a celebration by having them bring in cookies or another soft, braces-friendly treat to share with their class in celebration. Let the teacher know that you’ll be doing that! Boost the fun by ordering braces-themed napkins to take in with the treats.

3. Indulge them in their favorite non-braces-friendly foods beforehand.

Because there are many foods that must be given up before braces, have one last soiree with all of their favorite foods that they won’t be able to have for a while. This includes sticky foods like caramel, crunchy foods like popcorn, and foods that require a lot of front teeth action, like corn on the cob. One last party will kick the cravings!

4. Show them before-and-after pictures.

Finally, kids like to see that braces will help their smiles. Look up before-and-after photos or ask your orthodontist to provide some, so they can see how helpful braces are for straightening out their teeth. Get them thinking about how much fun it will be to have a straight, glistening white smile for the rest of their lives - a worthwhile trade for a few months or years of braces!

Remind your kiddos that most people get braces, and that the smile at the end will be so worth it. Braces can be fun!

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