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Fun And Educational Ways To Keep Your Kids Entertained In The Garden

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It's finally summer in Australia, so I want to spend a lot more time in the garden. I've got a couple of kids and they'll need to be out there with me too. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much for them to get really bored.

I decided the best way to help them have fun was to write a list of activities we could do together. You might want to do the same kind of thing when it's finally warm, so here is what I have planned.


Making Cool Herb Garden Markers

If you're anything like me you won't be able to grow a herb garden without using markers. It's always far too easy to forget the name of specific herbs when they're all so close together. I'm not in love with the markers that came with them, so I thought the kids could design beautiful ones for me when we're relaxing on the grass one day. Once they're done I'll stick them in the ground and throw the old ones away.

Plastic Bottle Plant Containers

This is a perfect solution if you want to get your kids interested in gardening, plus you'll be saving the planet at the same time by reusing the plastic bottles. All you need to do is cut them with scissors and put some holes in the bottom so excess water can drain away. Take art supplies into the garden and let your kids paint them, but please make sure the bottles aren't sharp they were cut.

Cleaning Out The Garden Shed

I'm going to be buying a new garage, so there won't be a huge amount of space left in the garden. I want to get rid of the old shed, which is filled with lots of old toys at the moment. The kids are going to help me move all of them out so the shed can be broken down and thrown away. We're going to donate all the toys we're not keeping to a local charity, and I'd urge you to do the same if you have any your kids don't want.


Watering All The Plants

If you already have lots of flowers in the garden there isn't too many jobs your kids will be able to help you with. One thing that isn't dangerous or boring for them is watering everything for you. I've noticed my kids love using a watering can if only to see the water come shooting out. It would be great if you had a rain barrel in the garden too, because it will teach the kids not to waste fresh water.

Decorate A Hanging Basket

Do you have any hanging baskets in your garden at the moment? It's good to have a couple of them as they'll make any garden look more impressive. I know my kids will love decorating them with plants and whatever else they come up with. The hanging baskets and soil are ready to go. I'm going to do things the easy way by buying small plants from the garden center, so the kids don't have to wait to see them come to life.

It Will Keep Them Entertained

If you want to enjoy your garden you'll need to keep your kids entertained too. Sometimes it's hard trying to figure out what to do, so hopefully the time I've spent writing out my list will help you out. If it's not hot where you live right now, save these tips and use them somewhere down the line.

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