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Full circle moments in motherhood are everything

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One of the blessings of motherhood is the sprinkle of full-circle moments we experience. Some we dream about. Others take us by surprise. All bust open our mom heart.

Last week a few of these roundabouts became an unexpected mid-week gift. Think daughter-in-loves, grandbabies, and precious childhood memories.

My firstborn son wanted to show his wife and new daughter the park he spent countless days playing in when my kids were young and asked me to join. My heart was aflutter for all the obvious reasons. But it wasn’t until we arrived that all the feely places activated.

Time warped as I watched my grown son wade through the water with his two dogs. Even though he’s a husband and father now, I still saw the eager little boy who couldn’t wait to catch crayfish and skip rocks. Both realities merged into one, taking my breath away.

Then my attention fell on the girls. Watching my son’s bride step into the creek with baby in tow melted me.

The answer to all the prayers I prayed over the years for my son and his future wife stood before me.

My daydreams about future grandchildren lay manifest in a precious bundle of love nestled against her momma.

Experiencing these two dreams come true in a setting still damp with the soul prints of past family visits made the full-circling even more wonderous.

As families, we create traditions and make memories. And if the stars align, our kids carry forward the magic into a life of their own making. Being witness to the circular progression is profound and heart-bending. Especially when it includes the branching out of our family tree.

Seeing my daughter-in-love adore and love my son is a constant IV drip of joy for my soul.

Observing her in her new mom role, caring for and nurturing their sweet miracle, adds depth to my being. She’s a natural. It’s a gift to observe.

The privilege of being a mother-in-law and having a new heart to hold energizes my spirit.

Being a part of ‘their family’ memory-making moves me to the core.

And to think this full circle began taking shape when I first looked into my son’s eyes back in 1994. I could never have imagined all the blessings I’ve experienced along the way. Such is the mystery and miracle of life.

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