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Challenge: Gratitude & Giving

Mama, these really are the best days of your life

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"Aren't these just the best days of your life?" I was taken aback by these words, a silk ribbon, red, wrapping my granite heart delicately. I studied her face unable to even say anything. Was she being sarcastic?

The usual response to me toting in, well dragging honestly, the two-year-old who is covered in something sticky and relentlessly asking the same question on repeat at volume 100 and my 5-month-old who wants held constantly and my other four older kids who scatter as soon as we hit the church door in every direction possible, is sarcasm. Something to the effect of "wow look at you", "smile mom", "isn't this fun?"– it's sarcasm, and most of the time I chuckle because it feels true in that moment.


But not in this moment with this white haired woman who has years of wisdom written on her face. This moment is different and this wise woman's words overtook my heart, time stopped it seemed. She was not being sarcastic. She sees my chaos and she remembers hers. "Aren't these just the best days of your life?" Something about her words made me see out of all the years she's lived, these chaotic crazy ones were the best, most cherished, and precious years of her life. She was envious. Her voice had a hint of longing for my season.

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I can't even tell you how many times I have wished this season over and done with out of anger or frustration. I can't tell you how I believed the lie that my life before kids was my "prime" and the "best" years. This woman's silky words came like gentle reminder that one day these days will be gone. It was a warning that one day you will know these are the best days but not to let it be when they were already gone.

"Aren't these just the best days of your life?"

Mamma they are. Regardless of annoyances, boogers, yelling, demanding, not listening, constant attention, mental exhaustion, and stretch marks, jiggly skin, gray hair, whatever it may be, these really are the BEST days of your life.

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