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Challenge: Raising Siblings

For now, I watch them do yoga together

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I know I have years of sibling rivalry ahead of me.

I know that there will be bickering and blaming.

I know they will say hurtful words to each other and make each other cry.

I know they will take each other’s toys and clothes.

I know that they will know best how to push each others’ buttons and spark anger.

I know they may not always like each other or want to spend time together.

I know these things. I remember these things.


Just as I know there will be late night whispers and giggles.

I know there will be secret notes written to each other “hidden” from mom and dad.

I know there will be silly faces and fart jokes galore.

I know there will be sports played together and road trips taken together.

I know they will know best how to make each other belly laugh and cry tears of joy.

I know there will be texts of comfort and texts of celebration sent across state lines.

I know they will become true friends and want to spend more time together than their physical locations will allow.

I know these things. I’m living these things.

But for now...

I’m just going to enjoy these sweet sisters and the way one says to her baby sis, “Let’s do yoga!”

And the way that baby sis gazes up at her hero of a big sis and does yoga with her, just because she asked.

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