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Flakey Mom Friend

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I know it's not easy being my friend
Wondering if you'll ever see me in person again
I'd like to come
Really, I would
But I have a monster living upstairs who
makes the rules
He's not furry and cute with three big eyes
and four big feet
And he doesn't live on Sesame Street
He's buried himself deep in my brain
and his main goal is to drive me insane

Some days he does a really good job
And all I can do is sit in the shower and sob
Other days he's not so strong and I am the
ruler of the one they call Mom

I really don't mean to flake
I just don't feel that great
I'm scared of packing up and going
My thoughts turn into intrusive explosions

Have you ever thought of all that could go wrong?!
My heart thumps to its own song
I feel lightheaded and weak and worry
you'll find our friendship bleak
My hands tremble and I feel like I'm drowning
Like a hundred thousand waves are pounding
On my chest and it wont end
Until I text you, "I'm bailing....again"


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