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Five "Oh Crap, Company Is Coming!" Cleaning Hacks

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Between having 2 kids and running a business, the holidays can get really hectic. Even though it’s so much fun to have people visit for the holidays, cleaning can cause a lot of stress. If hiring a cleaning person or company isn't an option, here are some quick cleaning hacks to get your house prepped quickly for company.


The Shower:


If company is coming for a few days - yeah, they’ll be showering in your home. Fill up one of these dish scrubbers with dish soap and white vinegar then scrub down the walls and floor while you are showering. You’re in there anyway, take 3 minutes at the end of your shower to give it a quick scrub down. I personally keep one in both of my bathrooms and scrub down the tub after my toddlers bathe. It’s already wet and a mess in there, so after they are done, I scrub down the tub and rinse. I love that I know the next time they take a bath, I haven’t used harsh chemicals that they’ll be sitting in. Bonus: when kiddos get old enough, teach them to scrub it down after their bath! Win Win!

The Base Boards:


I hate the base boards. UGH! Company was a couple hours from getting here on Thanksgiving and I spotted the dirt and dust on the baseboards in the bathroom. I put on a pair of socks and started running my toe along each base board. Took me about 10 minutes to run my toes across each baseboard in the house and ta-da! DONE.

Freshen The Air:


If you have AC in your home, you can use the fan feature to circulate the air in your home and freshen it up. Turn off the heat or the air conditioning, and just simply turn on the fan. I usually set a timer for about 30 minutes and let it run. I especially do this after cooking, just to get the smell out of the house and keep it from sinking into the furniture, rugs, etc.

Speaking Of Smells:


Soft surfaces can keep smells in house, so to keep things fresh smelling - turn to vinegar. I’m a big fan of white vinegar, not only is it a natural deodorizer - it works better than anything else I’ve ever used in doing so. Fill up a spray bottle with half vinegar and half water and you can spray down whatever needs de-stanking. Couches, rugs, curtains, etc. Don’t worry, the smell dissipates and takes any stinky smells with it.


The same spray bottle of vinegar and water can be used as your cleaner for everything when you are in a hurry. Countertops, windows, soft surfaces, etc. You don’t have to use a different cleaner for every surface, just spray it all down with vinegar and wipe.

Turn on the festive music and go nuts. You’ll have your entire house presentable and ready for company ASAP.

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