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Finding The Light While Pregnant During The Pandemic

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Coronavirus changed the world. While we distanced from each other praying for good health, seasons changed from winter to spring and soon will be onto summer, I realized I could not continue to live in fear. Past the uncertainty, I made the realization that the world would be okay. It was only then I recognized what was right in front of me: it wasn’t all bad to navigate a pandemic pregnancy.

To be clear, it’s not been an easy pregnancy. Even the most routine aspects of pregnancy have been turned upside down. It’s been filled with fear, stress, and uncertainty as to what happens to my child if I test positive for COVID-19. Sometimes these fears get the best of me. But, at some point, I recognized I could not continue to live in fear. I had to find the light while navigating this pandemic pregnancy. So I began intentionally thinking about what isn’t so bad, because as of now, everyone I love is safe, happy, and healthy. So here is what I recognized as the light during this uncertain time.

We Enjoy Eating At Home

We have been eating healthier than we ever have before at home. Without the ability to go to a restaurant, we are by default eating much healthier and more importantly, eating together at home. It made me realize we ate out too much, whether it was because of a social event or because I didn’t feel like cooking that night - I realize now, as I’m home, that not only do I love cooking but it is so much healthier to eat at home. When life returns to a new normal, this is one habit learned through the pandemic that I plan to keep.

Creativity Sparked

Slowing down has its benefits. Gone are the hectic schedules, the play dates, soccer practices, and every other social event. Boredom hit that carved the way for creativity. New art created by my son suddenly filled our kitchen walls. New forts inhabited by the mysterious Jabberwocky filled our living room. There is no way we would have reached this level of creative play with our old habits. It wasn’t just my son either, I found myself completely immersed in the creative play, making memories that perhaps never would have been otherwise made.

Hygiene Focused

Good health and hygiene is trending as never before, and I hope it stays that way. Although we probably don’t need to be as neurotic as we are now, because I certainly miss hugging my own mom, these good hygiene practices should be something we carry with us beyond the pandemic. Not just on an individual level but our businesses as well, where the potential to spread the flu and common cold is higher in the high-trafficked locations. These new practices could protect us from furthering the spread of common colds, the flu, and anything else we may see in the future.

Striving To Be Okay

I would do anything for my son, but some days I’m absorbed with tension whirling around the pandemic. A day parenting in the pandemic isn’t always something I’m proud of. We don’t do Pinterest-worthy crafts, scavenger hunts, or other home-school approved activities. Rather, there is too much screen time, frozen nuggets, and to put it best, the days are simply survived. Right now, that is the best I can do. So rather than striving to be that perfect parent, I strive to just to be an “okay parent.” So although I may not have been content with this before, I realize now, that pandemic or not, parents are allowed to strive to just make it an okay day, because what is important, above all, is that your child knows they are loved.

For The Love Of Grandparents

The world changed, but the importance of grandparents did not. It did however serve as the beacon of light to getting through the pandemic. The fear of a grandparent getting sick was enough to keep me in the house. There never should be a moment that we forget how lucky our children are to have grandparents in their lives, we couldn’t raise our children without them, because no one loves your child like a grandparent. So when it feels like I’m lost in our isolation, I remember, how lucky we are to have them in our lives and I would do anything for the love of grandparents.

The world will be okay. But while we continue to distance ourselves it is also okay to see the light. What is so important now is what has always been so important, our health, family, and friends. Once you have that, everything else falls into place.

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