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Find the Puddles of Love

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When I saw big sis help lil sis get into optimal puddle splashing position, a quiet joy filled my heart at the human-ness of the action.

These days sort of feel like making rain storms into puddle splashing parties. They are sometimes dreary and a lot of times messy and sometimes involve tears while walking through the rain to find the puddles.

But we, the collective we, always seem to find the puddles. Always seem to find the puddles of joy to splash in and let the droplets wash over us. Puddles of laughter in the spontaneous afternoon tickle parties inside living rooms, between conference calls and school zoom sessions. Puddles of precious pictures posted of grandparents visiting new grand babies through windows. Puddles of heroism in the form of nurse friends gearing up to go deliver babies or work in the ER. Puddles of thankfulness in the form of community-wide applause for those on the frontline. Puddles of generosity between neighbors and friends gifting Lysol wipes and toilet paper. Puddles of familial connection via FaceTime and end of the night dance parties in jammies with Alexa as DJ.

Puddles of love and love and more love.

In the seemingly world-wide downpour of fear and sickness and worry, we continue to find the puddles of love.

And the coolest part?

Watching people find these puddles together.

Because we humans...We weren’t meant to walk through the rain or jump in the puddles alone.

We were meant to boost each other into optimal puddle splashing position and then lock hands and splash down together.

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