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Father's Day - An Open Letter to my Husband

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Dear Husband,

This Father's day I wanted to take a second to acknowledge you. And I'm not talking about the "acknowledgement" you usually get, like when I lecture you about screen time. ;)

I want to make sure you know how important you truly are to this family. Because despite how much I'd like to think I run this show, you are the other half to this puzzle of parenting insanity.

And you have been stepping up to the plate every opportunity you've had.

From the second we found out we were expecting our first little bundle of chaos, you were right there with me reading name books and taking ridiculous guess the gender quizzes.

And you were there a mere few days later when I was diagnosed with hyperemisis, and it was constant IVs and tears. You were parenting and caring for our son before he was even born, while holding my hand every step of the way.

When he was born, you were the one following him around the hospital for all the different newborn checks while I was stuck in bed.

The love and support didn't end when we got home either. From changing diapers to reading the boys books before they even knew what a book was, you were there pouring your all into this family.

You are also the type of man who will work before sunrise to sun down, just to make sure our family will be safe and secure. (And that work ethic is already being passed down to the boys)

And the type of father you are is helping shape three future men. Men who will actually respect women, care for others unconditionally and stand up for what's right.

All because they are constantly watching and learning from their hero.

Their dad.


Happy Father's Day. And thank you for being you.


Your wife

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