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Family Travel Tips: Packing for Family Vacations

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When you’re planning a family trip as a parent there are so many more logistical issues you need to consider before you hit the road that it is often mind boggling.

But don’t worry, we’ve got some help for you.

In this article we are going to give you some family travel tips on what to do when packing for family vacations. We’ll discuss packing, planning activities, keeping your children safe. No stone will be left unturned and we hope this advice will hope you have the best, most-hassle-free trip possible.

One of the easiest things you can do that starts well before you actually need to leave is to do some prep work beforehand.

Create a space or even a box within which you place all of the items you want to take with you on vacation. That way, when the time to pack comes, you will have everything in one spot. You can even double up by making a list and setting aside a packing cube for your items. You’ll be amazed at how much better things go for you if you do this one little step ahead of time. For maximum effectiveness, set up this organizational space at least a week prior to leaving. If you’re going on a bigger trip, set aside more time.

When you’re ready to go, just toss everything together and that’s it!

The next item you will want to consider are grooming items like toiletries and shampoo. Be careful on airlines as these may not be allowed in carry on luggage. Always wrap up your toiletries in a plastic wrap or place them in a bag. That way if they begin to leak you won’t damage anything else in your bag.

To save money, buy travel sized bottles of stuff and save the bottles, refilling them before you go on your trip.

These rules apply to pharmaceuticals as well. Remember you can pre-pack all of this stuff by placing it in the organizational space we discussed above.

Another awesome tip when traveling is to keep snacks for the kids. They will inevitably become hungry and you want to be prepared. This also helps stave off boredom.

Along those lines, you will want to think of something that can keep the kids busy while you travel.

Bring along toys, gadgets, tablets, smartphones - whatever you have handy that a young child can entertain herself with while you focus on driving. Be careful, though, not to bring along anything too distracting as safe driving should be job number one for any parent!

While out on vacation you may want to arm your children with walkie talkies or, if everyone has cell phones, establish a group text chat to stay in contact. With smartphones and smart watches it is easier than ever before for kids to stay in touch with their parents. A digital tether is perhaps stronger than a physical one - don’t hesitate to use apps and tech to help your family stay in touch.

If you’re flying out you will need to look into dog and car boarding. Naturally airlines are happy to keep your car at the airport - for a nose bleed fee. You may want to leave your car at home or discuss leaving it with a friend to watch over. Similarly, if you have pets, you will need to get them a sitter or place them in boarding. Some boarding situations can be quite pricey, so check around well before your trip. Also remember, like hotels, boarding your pet is subject to availability. The further ahead you make this reservation, the more likely you are to get your first choice or any reservation at all.

We hope these tips make your next trip with your children as amazing as it can possibly be. Our only last bit of advice is to have fun and relax, knowing you’ve taken care of all of the big ticket items.

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