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Family Ideas to keep Gratitude at the forefront this November

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We all need a little extra dose of Gratitude this year and since November is the month of being thankful, I thought this would be the perfect time to make sure we did a few things as a family that kept Gratitude front and center. Here are two simple ideas we are doing together.

1️⃣Grateful Jar: ⁠

Take a mason jar and have your kids decorate it however they want. Grab some tape, paper, gel pens or markers. Write GOT THANKS or BE GRATEFUL! Keep a pen and pieces of paper or sticky notes by the jar, each day make sure they write something they are grateful for. The more specific the better. Keep it up until the end of the year and read on New Years Day!

2️⃣ Take a huge piece of paper and make a list of people for whom you are grateful. Have each family member name a few and each week pick some of those people to text, write, or call to thank them for what they mean in your life. ⁠

You can find more ideas here:

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