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Family Camping Checklist - Getting Ready To Pack (and a few great tips!)

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Perhaps the opportunity of experiencing family camping has remained elusive to you and in that case getting prepared for a camping will definitely be a bit intimidating.

In that case, it is imperative to figure out exactly which items are essential and which are not. Try to discover any means to curtail your expenses. In the subsequent paragraphs, we have mentioned a comprehensive family camping checklist just for that purpose.



The number and size of the tents will depend on the number, ages as well as individual preferences of your team members. Typically, large family-size tents are not ideal for any small family with lesser members. In case there are kids amongst the crew who like to have their own space, you should go for a 2-person tent which will definitely provide the much-needed privacy as well as fun for them.

It is imperative to figure out the size as well as the layout of the campsite beforehand and also whether there is any restriction on the number of tents or even campers in a particular campground.


It is obvious that improper clothing might be responsible for acting as a spoilsport during a family camping trip. On many occasions, you need to cope with inclement climate conditions and therefore you should make it a point to bring along with you adequate sweaters, jackets, gloves as well as winter hats particularly for the chilly mornings and evenings.

Apart from these, it is recommended to pack items such as tennis shoes, sandals and so on besides hiking shoes or boots intended for trekking. In case you would like to engage yourself in swimming in a nearby lake or pond, then consider packing some attractive bathing costume as well as towels.


While you are on a camping trip along with your family, you often feel the urge to consume some tasty snack items and in that case, it would be a smart idea to cook a scrumptious meal outdoors. Consequently, it is important to bring along some trail-friendly foodstuff that will definitely satisfy your taste buds.

The number of members for the camping trip will determine exactly how much food you should pack for the camp pantry. In case it is possible to purchase these items near the campground, then it would be better to ignore them while packing for the trip.

Always remember to bring along with you lots of snack items such as nuts, dried fruit, salami, raisins, cheese, chocolate, granola, and so on. Also, make it a point to ask every member regarding his or her preferences for the food items and one cannot deny that meal-planning is definitely enjoyable before venturing out for camping.

Hiking Gear


Every single family camping gear ought to consist of equipment intended for hikes. Perhaps day packs would have been nice to everybody especially if they are children in the camping team.

It is suggested to bring emergency first aid kits, water bottles as well as one or two pairs of binoculars. Furthermore, ensure that there is a comprehensive map along with a compass which may prove to be extremely useful in the long run. During a day hike, you will be able to introduce the younger generation to innovative electronic plus map-and-compass navigation which they would find more interesting to learn outdoors rather than indoors.

A family hike can also be used to show other outdoor skills to the children such as keeping track of wildlife as well as filtering or purifying a nearby water source.


During a typical family camping trip, your main objective would be to break free from the gadgetry which tends to dominate our lives to a great extent. This camping excursion will be a fantastic opportunity to help the children spend some great time away from video games, social media as well as other types of digital distractions.

You may also think of taking with you some quality books and publications written by some famous writers which will enrich the knowledge of the kids regarding how to make the best use of a camping trip and other important topics. Apart from fictions, you may also consider bringing some ghost stories as well as some travel guides to some wonderful destinations across the globe.



Besides books, it will also be a smart idea of packing some interesting games which will keep all of you occupied particularly during those rainy days. For example, a board game or even a puzzle will work wonders for everybody during this enjoyable family camping trip.

In case you would like to have a better idea regarding what items to bring along with you while camping, it will be prudent to visit where you will get a plethora of pertinent information on that subject.

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