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Family bonding over the basketball game

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I am a lot like most guys – I love sports, and it’s super important to support your home team. That’s why I go to the home games of the Washington Wizards with my buddies from time to time. We drink beer, watch the action, and cheer for every three pointer.

I don’t get to spend as much time with the guys as I’d like, because, you know, life. Work, kids, home repairs and everything else takes up time. Oh, and sleep. Definitely sleep.

Recently, though, I had a bit of an eye-opening experience. See, I have two little boys, six and three. The little guy has shown some interest in sports. He’ll crawl into my lap for a cuddle while I’m watching the game, and it feels really good. He seems interested and asks questions about the game. I realized that this is something that I can and should share with the boys.

So, I decided to take the boys with me to a home game in November. There was a lot of shouting and loud music, so for the first ten minutes, my sons looked shell-shocked. However, they got used to it, and we enjoyed each other's company.

The game was thrilling as the Washington Warriors played against the San Antonio Spurs and won 138-132! I had a great time, and I think they did too.


I don't want to be that dad, you know, the one who lives only for his team, but it is truly awesome if I can share my interests with my kids and keep up with my team at the same time. Win-win (in more ways than one!).

This little time out of our regular routine that I spent with our sons helped me to appreciate the importance of sharing time with my sons like I hadn’t before. When they are really little babies, they need care and love, and the relationship really only goes in one direction. Now that they’re older, I am taking the time to discover why it is essential to spend leisure time with my children. And this is what I think is most important.

The Importance of Dads Spending Time with Their Kids

I wrote Dads, but this really applies equally to moms or any caregivers. A generation or two ago, family time was conceived of very differently. Fathers were the main breadwinners, and mothers were mainly in charge of the house and home. Children were a necessity, like furniture, but we all know that old saying, “children should be seen and not heard.”

This ignored the question – at what point do thoughts and feelings become important and should be recognized? I have realized spending quality time with my sons provides us with physical and emotional engagement. I get to listen to them, and find out more about how they think, what they feel, what they like, and what they don’t.

I want to spend time with my sons so that I can get to know who they are, as that person develops and grows, their sensibilities, talents, and capabilities. In this way I can encourage them to succeed in life, and help them find satisfaction and contentment.

I will be able to discern what they enjoy and how they enjoy doing it. Any time we spend together is precious to us.

Spending time with my children allows me to communicate my respect and love to them. That way, my sons will bask in the sense of their own importance when they realize that they are worthy of my undivided attention.


I don’t really care whether my sons will always be Wizards fans, or even if they’ll love basketball the way I do (okay, I care a little bit. The Wizards are a great team.) I just enjoy spending time together with my sons. And I plan to do so as much as I can in the future.

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