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Everything that you would like to know about bed bugs

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Everyone knows about these creatures. Everyone is sure that they will never find bed bugs in their homes. It is probably a wrong suggestion. Bed bigs can live everywhere and you can’t enough protected from these “unpleasant friends”. But do you know a lot about them? How to indicate them? Here you will be able to learn more about these pests.

The first thing which is usually noticed by people is eggs. Also, it is more likely that you will see bugs’ skin. One more sign of bed bugs problem is waking up with bites on your body. Perhaps, you are familiar with these signals. But there are more shocking facts.

Even doctors can’t accurately identify the source of your bite, just by looking at them – that is rather annoying. Yes, these bits are different. But sometimes it is a kind of issue to determine if it is bite from bed bugs or nor. So, it is necessary to check out your entire apartment for signals of these creatures. If you want a professional help during this process, you can visit a website of one of the Alberta’s company, live a request on and try pest control services in Calgary.

There are a several of general signs you should look for to confirm the presence of bed bugs in your bed room. Here you can find questions which can be useful for you during the process of identifying these insects.

1) Do you see them?

Sometimes it is even easy to see bed bugs on your blanket. They can be quite big. You can follow a simple rule of “credit card”. Using a credit card, you can understand where these bugs can go. Anywhere your credit card can slot into, so too can a bed bug.

2) Where they can hide?

There are really a lot of places where you would not expect to see bed bugs. Don’t forget to check bed frames and headboard crevices, mattress seams, carpets, electrical sockets and fittings, peeling wallpaper, drawers and cupboards, wardrobes. Have you found something? Don’t hesitate, call a professional and ask him about prices for pest control services right now. The earlier you will destroy them, the better you will sleep further.

3) What colours are they?

They are mostly brownish in colour, becoming increasingly darker and more red as they feed.

4) Are these eggs from bed bugs?

If eggs are very small, whitish and oval shaped, they came from bad bugs. You can find them in small clusters in cracks and crevices or attached to items of furniture or fittings. However, it is rare to find them in a bed.

5) How can I understand that it is a shed skin?

Bed bugs usually shed their skin because they move onto the next stage in their lifecycle. They each do this five times as they develop into adults. You can notice these things behind headboards, along baseboards and in mattress seams.

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