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Essentials For A 'Make-it-Yourself' Loving Mommy

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Moms love to make things for their children. It’s a way for them to show their love and as well as their crafty side. If you are looking for a gift to get a special mom in your life, these are some of the essential gifts to get for a mom that likes to make crafts and homemade items.

A Sewing Machine


There’s just so much a mom can do with a sewing machine. She can make clothes for her child’s special event. She could also make costume for dress-up or Halloween. A sewing machine can come in handy to make decor items for a child’s room as well. There are a variety of sewing machines to choose from with many of them being compact and easy to store when not in use.

A Cutting Machine

There’s all sorts of paper and fabric goods that a mom could make if she has the right items. A cutting machine can help with this. A die cut machine is great to use to create party invitations for her child’s birthday party. A vinyl cutting machine comes in handy for those that want to make a variety of personalized items as well such as throw pillows, t-shirt, onesies and more! If you love to sew, you will also enjoy a fabric cutting machine. Time with kids are limited, so I'm sure you would like to whip up your sewing projects as quickly as possible.

A Heat Press Machine


Practically all kids will need a clothing item like a shirt or jacket with their name on the back of it or some other embellishment. This can be a required item for a sports team or even for their school. A heat press machine can help a mom create these super unique vinyl pressed kids clothing items quickly. They aren’t difficult to use and they can help a mom save a lot of money by not having to purchase these items from an outside seller. Moms can create a variety of these unique items with a heat press machine.

A Laminator

Many kids bring home paper items as keepsakes. Things like artwork or handmade cards can be preserved with a laminator. These machines prove for an easy way to keep these types of items from being ruined and to last for years to come without getting destroyed due to things like moisture. A laminator is also easy to use. All the mom needs to do is turn it on to warm it up,then put the items she wants to preserve through the machine and then cut off the excess lamination after it’s laminated.

A Knitting Kit


Moms will often spend plenty of time away from home having to run errands such as going to the doctors or dentist office or sporting events for their children. A knitting kit can help them pass the time away. Moms can easily slip it into their bag and they can make things like scarves, legwarmers or even a sweater. Knitting isn’t that difficult to learn and in no time at all the mom who receives this gift can create something that she can give to others.

Do you love to make things for your kids? What is your favorite craft?

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