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Challenge: Reducing Holiday Stress

Embracing the Unexpected this Holiday

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Hmmm. I don’t remember inviting the neighbors. This must be the extroverted-husband’s doing. Where did we store those extra card table chairs?


Yep. My Aunt is passive-aggressively making over-the top sighs to make sure we are aware that we said we would eat at 12 pm and its 2 pm. TURKEYS can be tricky Aunt Louis. Get off my back.


Well shoot. Plate full of mac ’n cheese soaring through the air and spattering against the window pane behind the fall-decor adorned dining table.


Indeed, that is my son, now belly on the floor, licking up the remnants of scattered cheesy noodles that have glittered the tile from the air-born plate’s recent trip. Less for me to mop later, I suppose.


Screaming daughter, now super upset that she doesn’t have a plate in front of her. Even though she is the pilot of the recently launched plate’s flight across the room. Doesn’t matter. It is my fault somehow.


Fire alarm. In the chaos, I forgot to reset the timer. Bird is Burnt. Aunt Louis, put your big girl panties on because we are ordering Fast Food. Hope you like chicken tenders and fries.

“Sure....Spend the Night!”

Extroverted-husband strikes again. He is on the phone offering an ole college friend our house to crash at after a gig he is playing tonight. I haven’t washed the sheets on the guest bed since the last guest….. here's hoping maybe he won’t notice.

“Alexa, play Justin Timberlake”

Nothing a little dance party can’t fix and help us reset.

Laughing. Shuffling. Snorts and Giggles.

A memory of all of us doing the cupid shuffle to Can't Stop the Feeling.

Kids running around chasing each other.

Adults relaxing on the couch, trading “most bizarre-holiday-dinner-stories” while dunking our fried chicken tenders into our sauce of choice and sipping our wine.

And the reminder to embrace the unexpected this holiday season. Whether that is the unexpected guest to Christmas dinner, unexpected behavior from a child who is overwhelmed with all the holiday shenanigans or simply an unexpected kitchen mishap. The season is not defined by a single moment. Take the unexpected and create your own memories. Have a holiday full of love and GRACE.

Also dance parties pretty much can fix any awkward unexpected situation.

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