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Challenge: Raising Siblings

Embrace Being The Little Brother

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Being the little brother means you are more often than not trying to keep up with the big kids. You seem to be growing up faster than the one who came before you.
You leave the shovels and pails behind to play football in the water. You talk about baseball, and Fortnite. You laugh at jokes I'm quite certain you don't yet understand.
You look up to your big brother and his big friends.
Being the little brother means leaving the digging in the sand to someone else. It means playing games of tag and wiffle ball with kids who are taller than you.
It means never really admitting that you're tired and ready to call it a day.

You want to keep up. You want to catch up. You want to be part of the crew. I love your persistence, but long for you to hold onto your age-hold onto the little.
You see my little one, I don't worry about you keeping up. I know you can hold your own, but every now and then when you're not looking I catch you holding onto the little. It reminds me that you are fine being the little brother. You still want to be the one digging in the sand even if the big kids are playing football. Every now and again you embrace the little and somehow it makes my heart happy.

Being little doesn't last forever love, but for a time it is yours. It is yours to embrace. Dig in the sand, build castles, giggle, search for rocks, watch the fish. You can always join the game of football, but you can't always embrace the little.
Be little my love. For as long as you can-be little.


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