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Effect of Students on Political Landscape

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It is often debated that students should refrain from politics or any type of political activity. However, recent news published in INDEPENDENT magazine shows that students’ involvement and participation in the politics has a positive effect on the political landscape. Being a mother of a teen, I am always concerned about my boy’s safety and his actions that can cause him harm. In this quest, I started searching and exploring the articles and interviews that covered students’ involvement in the politics and jumbled a few positive effects that students can have on the political landscape of the country specially the UK.

Speaking up for What They Believe in

As we all know that teens as soon as they enter into university experience a different horizon that guarantees opportunities helping them build up skills and gain knowledge. Students who participate in politics in universities have a great opportunity to speak up for what they believe in. Moreover, they also have the opportunity to participate in question and answer session and let the leaders of the country about their thoughts and views. Thus, students’ involvement in politics lead a political landscape where youth is as much involved in running the country as adults.


Focus on Youth Issues

As started above, students’ participation allows them speak up what they believe in, further to that, students’ participation in the politics also make the politicians and MPs of houses to focus more on youth related issues such as education fees, teaching methods, curriculum and employment opportunity and career. We all know that these issues barely get the attention of politicians or these issues are hardly ever discussed in the House of Lords and Commons.


Campus Protest Affects National Politics

While surfing internet I came across many news and articles that covered the story about different strikes held in universities, which in turn compelled the Chancellor of the university to resign. Similarly, a number of protests by students are recorded, which has resulted in amending the decision of country’s president or prime minister. One of its best examples is the protest made during the Vietnam War era, which made the US government to withdraw the arm forces from Vietnam and had to cease fire.

Students’ Vote for Winning Elections

As we all know that students above 18 in UK and US both can vote for local and national elections. It indicates that students’ participation in the politics via voting can change the political horizon as a large portion of students are participating in voting.

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