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Challenge: Show us your family money games!

Earn and spend; Allowance

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A couple of years ago, math was a challenge for my step daughter. We get her for the entire summer and when the school year ended, math started getting complicated, well… complicated as 1st grade math can get, we had to get creative in our summer supplemental skills plan to reinforce those concepts that proved difficult for her. While we do the work required over summer break, it was important to help her grasp and master the concept of adding and subtracting along with money skills. We found and loved the game Allowance.

Whether you're starting your own business, doing chores around the house, earning interest on bank deposits or spending money at the mall, this game teaches you how to use money, save money and make change. The object is to do all this while trying to save $20.00. When you do, you win the game! Could be a little tough for little ones, although it is recommended for ages five years and up, (per the box). The game board is brightly colored and simple in design, however, if the little ones are just learning to read, it can be challenging and the money concept could be a bit frustrating. I think 1st grade was challenging but attainable and we ended our summer with great success mastering money skills and helped her to excel in addition and subtraction skills. She was confident and excited to start school again. The game box contains realistic plastic nickels, dimes, and quarters as well as $1 and $5 denomination bills. Make a note - the instructions are on the back of the box. You will find no instruction book and nothing inside the lid and figure the instructions are missing. We had a great summer and still to this day play it. A definite must in the game closet.


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