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Dyslexia is More than a Diagnosis.....

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It’s October 1st, and that means it Dyslexia awareness month! Something near and dear to my heart! Not only because my child was diagnosed 6 years go with it but because I know so many other children and parents are trying to navigate that journey! It’s a journey that looks so different to each child! It’s a something you can’t see. It’s nothing that goes away. You don’t outgrow it.

But to me……it’s wondering how he is doing each and every day. It’s sitting at home hoping a praying he can read his test to show he actually knows the material. It’s constantly wondering if he is getting the support he needs each and every day. Did he make it to his online tutor today at 10:30 while his peers are going to gym. Did he have time to get his snack while his peers are taking a break and he rushes to meet a tutor that lives states away. It’s wondering how much we can afford to tutor. It’s knowing that one day hopefully all of the time and dedication will pay off. It’s wondering if each and every decision was the right one! It’s worrying if teachers will understand and give him grace. It’s making sure he has balance of strictness and understanding! It’s pushing him past his limits because you believe in him but also holding his hand a making sure he has accommodations. It’s educating everyone on how he learns. It’s praying that no one makes fun of him. Praying that he keeps high self-esteem. Praying he continues to love school. Praying that all of his hard work will pay off one day!

To you Dyslexia may be no big deal. To you it’s just a learning difference. To us it’s a sacrifice. It’s an argument. It’s trying to find balance. It’s life changing. It’s making sure he read how to do his assignment correctly. It’s worrying if he was brave enough to go outside his classroom for a test today or if he stayed in because he didn’t want to look different than his peers. It’s going with your mom gut when everyone is telling you something different. It’s pulling your child out of a school he loved and sending to a new one at 7 years old because it’s what you feel is best. It’s knowing there are a million right decisions but choosing the right decision that is best for your child! It’s doing endless research on how to help your child. It’s having countless parent/teacher conferences and partnering with a school that believes in your child. It’s paying for continued testing every few years to show things are working and to keep accommodations!

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