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Don't Listen to the Noise in the Background

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I once got shamed for saying I was going to vaccinate my newborn child. It wasn't blatant shame. It was more like the person said something in a way that they would be able to take back or smooth over really quick if I lost my cool.
It's okay, though. Because I was confident in my decision then and I still am now.

I once got scoffed at for calling my son a crazy pants. It was a look of utter disgust, as if I had called my child a terrible name and mocked him in public. I just called him by an endearing nickname that he seems to respond to quite well.
Hey, I just call it as I see it.

I once got Elvis Presley lipped for complaining about being a mother. You know the lip. The lip that looks smooth on Elvis but to the general public, is a look of distaste? Yeah, that look. I was having a hard day and I was not loving every minute.
So kind of the person I was talking to, though, to remind me that "they're only this little for so long".
It's okay. I didn't need need those strands of hair anyway.

I once got an eye roll for saying I was only having one child.
Wait. Scratch that.
There have been many times that I've seen that that eye roll. That eye roll is usually coupled with "you'll change your mind".
As if these people know me so well. Because it's everyone's business why I have one child.

I once found a group of friends who I have to this day. A solid and beautiful bunch of powerful women.
Who love me and support me.
Who know me and get me.

I once found a community online who understood me and who I related to and who related to me.
They're the ones who laugh at my ridiculous memes and agree that we all need to vent sometimes.

People are going to say what they're going to say. They'll try to make you feel guilty for your choices.
Those aren't your people.

Your people will support you.
They'll put trust in you.
They'll listen and ask what they can do and you'll want to give it all back to them when they need it.
Because that's who you should surround yourself with.

Kick the negative people and comments to the curb.
You don't need them.

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