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Challenge: Bringing Home Baby: What Do You Wish You’d Known?

Don't Google Yourself Into Crazy

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Internet search engines are my enemy. I've googled my way into having cancer, lupus and a host of other different ailments. I have convinced myself my house had termites and black mold due to my over-searching. 

Of course having a baby was NO DIFFERENT. I searched my way through each trimester and each of the first few weeks of Ella's life until I realized I was going nuts. Like really...nuts. Each noise and change was googled and obsessed over.

And then I stopped. I stopped reading all the blogs about sleep regression and feeding schedules and realized one thing. Those were some very knowledgeable people talking about THEIR babies. Not mine. Not my Ella Bean. Only my husband and I knew our girl and her tendencies. 

That was my mommy aha moment. And I've held onto that ever since. I'm saner and less uptight. I welcome her changes and realize we will get through each change, whether an exciting one that is documented on every device or a daunting one that we would rather hope to forget.

So what do I wish I'd known? Stop the over-googling. ​

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