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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

don't go all Alyssa Milano on me...

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breastfeeding. it’s one of the most controversial topics with parents & it seems like the whole world is talking about it lately. every time I go on social media I’m bombarded with videos, pictures and content on breastfeeding.

My view on breastfeeding is my own- we do it, I get it and I know it is a woman’s legal right to nurse her baby wherever she may choose. It is also someone’s legal right to be uncomfortable and express their opinion. I do not condone what is happening in this video at all – but this man is allowed to be uncomfortable with someone nursing their child. I do think if he doesn’t like it, he should move seats but the fact that he’s getting shit on for having a different viewpoint is completely hypocritical.

Alyssa Milano has been dubbed as an advocate for making breastfeeding a more widely discussed and more socially acceptable act – she has posted multiple pictures of her breastfeeding her children. For people who have a problem with it, my answer is- don’t look. don’t follow her on instagram if you don’t agree with the choices she makes. She was on a talk show recently discussing her opinions with Wendy Williams. (watch here from about 4-6 minutes) I love her easy going attitude about it and her contrast to Miley Cyrus and how accepting we are of sexualizing breasts. I appreciate that her and Wendy have such opposite viewpoints but are able to banter back & forth and keep it friendly.

Lincoln and I do all types of feeding, breastfeeding, pumping & using formula. This gives my husband a way bigger role in parenting and watching Lincoln grow. There have been numerous times that I have met new moms or just chatted with friends where they have asked how breastfeeding is going; I mention that we’re supplementing with formula and half the time I get this “oh how could you” stare and always followed by the question “why” and me feeling like I have to defend myself. How weird is that? How weird is it that we can now be judged on how we choose to feed our baby. It just blows my mind.

Really- my only ask is this; if you’re going to be so pro one side, that’s great, but to judge the other just makes the circle never ending. As long as your baby is happy & healthy and you’re happy, why is any of this such a big deal? So parents- stop the judgement. You do you and that’s all anyone can ask. And if you’re uncomfortable – do something about it and take responsibility. Move, unfollow, take a walk, feed in your car, heat up another bottle – whatever wets your whistle.

And since everyone posts photos of themselves breastfeeding, here is one of Zack having a wonderfully perfect nap with Lincoln after he fed him his bottle.

One day breastfed babies will hold hands with formula babies and the world will still be okay.
-end rant-

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