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Don’t. Give. Up. And teach your kids not to.

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Allow me to preface this with the fact that all children are created with different talents, gifts, passions and abilities. Here’s another fun fact.... that also applies to twins.

We have 8 year old (in a few weeks) twin sons. One of them is an absolute physical beast of a child. He is an athlete by every definition, has a body made of essentially 99% muscle with thighs the size of tree trunks and excels at every sport he ever tries. We will call him Twin A. Twin B is much more petite. He is small but has a mighty, powerful mind. He is inquisitive and loves art and books and asks a thousand questions about everything.

That being said, at this age, we encourage them both to try everything that may interest them so they can develop and learn what they love and want to pursue in the future. Try all “the things” because who knows what you’ll enjoy. That’s our philosophy.

Right now, “the thing” is baseball. Coach pitch baseball. They both wanted to try it. Quietly my husband and I both knew Twin A would excel. As a twin parent (or any parent), there are few things more difficult than watching one child excel while the other struggles hard. But you continue to encourage and to cheer because that’s. what. you. do.

Twin A.... hits the ball every time. He’s getting better. He bats 4th, he is fast and his teammates cheer his name and celebrate him often. Twin B.... strikes out every time. 8 games, he has had one hit and it was accidental. His teammates don’t get excited when he comes up to bat or cheer because they assume he’ll strike out.

But listen carefully to this... he never, ever gives up. Never. He goes up to bat every time with confidence believing in himself. I love it so much.

You guys!!!! Here I sit 2 states away on my lunch break at a conference and I get a video from my husband of this beautiful boy getting his first hit and successfully making it to first base... his teammates cheering his name in the background.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m at this conference that is about never giving up on your goals or just because he finally got the hit but I am BEAMING with pride over here.

Those of you thinking about giving up, on anything, watch this. And then stop it.

You go Braxy! You did the dang thing!! Mommy is so proud of you and you are a rockstar.

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